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About CVCA

CVCA’s mission is to facilitate the creation of an environment that will foster Private Equity (PE) and Venture Capital (VC) investment in Croatia and the neighbouring region.

CVCA considers PE and VC investing as an important ingredient for development and growth of entrepreneurship, capital markets and the economy in general. It seeks to develop the investment culture in Croatia and the region, while following internationally accepted best practices.

CVCA will work to fulfil its mission through:

  • Information sharing - CVCA will actively work to promote and educate its members and non-members about PE and VC investing through live events (lectures, presentations, workshops, and informal gatherings), media presence and publication of materials.
  • Relationship building -  CVCA will be promoting development of relationships among its members and non-members in Croatia and abroad.
  • Active engagement - CVCA will, with the scope of promoting and protecting the interests of its members, engage with authorities and other stakeholders that can influence the investment climate.

CVCA will admit members from the PE and VC community and other related activities that can contribute to the development of the sector. In addition to the PE and VC funds, membership will be open to investment and pension funds, banks, accounting, advisory and legal firms, as well as to individuals. CVCA will also be open to non-members in order to improve the general understanding of the PE and VC activities.

For more information on how CVCA is organised, please consult our Statute and other related documents.

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