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Key themes of the conference

  • How important is the role of state in ensuring sufficient capital supply to jump start venture capital markets?
    What policy lessons can we learn from successful and unsuccessful state & public support initiatives to start venture capital market?
    What are current initiatives in Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Turkey?
  •  What have been the effects of the credit crisis on private equity investment in the region?
    Is there the light at the end of the tunnel – are we moving towards the post-crisis investment environment?
    Do you see the crisis as an opportunity to jump-start private equity and venture capital investment with public and private initiatives?
  • Why invest in SEE? Why not? How does region compare to other emerging markets? How do the markets in SEE compare to each other?
    Will the post-crisis environment be similar for all the countries in the region or you expect some markets to develop more quickly?
  • How to get investment exposure in the region? Are there enough funds (with track record) close to the ground?
    Is lack of track record a problem for investing in emerging market funds?
  • Where are the current investment opportunities in the region (countries / sectors) in buyout / expansion / venture / early stage investing?
    Have the valuations reached the bottom? Is now the time for value investors to move in?
  • How has the credit crisis impacted the transaction pipeline and the existing portfolio?
  • How available is leverage? How available is mezzanine finance?
  • What sectors are currently hot and which one are not? How does the attractiveness of the sector compare in various markets of the region?
  • Turnaround potential: What private equity can and cannot do to save the companies in the region?
  • Yozma replicate potential: Can the region successfully develop venture-backed technology sector?
  • Unlocking the cleantech potential: just the hype or significant first mover advantage?
  • Outlook for 2010

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