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Financing private equity investments:
How can banks and other financial institutions
follow private equity investments?

Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy, 25 March 2011

The course objective is to provide a detailed introduction to private equity and venture capital investments for bankers and other financial institutions representatives. As a result of the Croatian Government initiative the Economic Cooperation Funds (FGS), five new private equity and venture capital funds have recently been established with total commitments amounting to HRK 2 billion (approximately EUR 274 million).

This Government initiative has provided a significant boost to the Croatian private equity and venture capital industry. Banks and other financial institutions are usually participating in private equity and venture capital investments and this one-day seminar will provide a detailed overview of the role of banks and other financiers in such transactions. The seminar includes many case studies and provides an opportunity to meet with key representatives from private equity and venture capital industry in Croatia.

On-line registration on the Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy website:

Fundamentals of Private Equity with an
overview of Economic Cooperation Funds

Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy, 16 May 2011

The course provides a comprehensive insight into the private equity industry, with special emphasis on the Economic Cooperation Funds (FGS). The Economic Cooperation Funds (FGS) are private equity funds that have recently closed the fundraising with total commitment of HRK 2 billion (EUR 274 million). These funds formed thanks to the initiative of the Croatian Government to develop private equity and venture capital investing in Croatia. Private investors and the Croatian Government are the parri passu investors in five FGS / private equity funds including Alternative Private Equity FGS, Honestas FGS, Nexus FGS, Quaestus Private Equity II and Prosperus FGS. 

The course discusses the main principles and mechanisms underlying the private equity and the three levels at which it operates including the level of individual investments, the level of portfolio management of each fund and the level of investor that manages a portfolio of investments in private equity funds.

On-line registration on the Zagreb Stock Exchange Academy website:

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